Binge Shopping at Target Just Got Easy Thanks to Binxy Baby

Due to my brand presence over at Think Creative Collective I received some Binxy Babys to try out and provide some images. I decided to share our experience further here on my personal blog, because these things have truly helped my shopping experience. 

P.S. Penelope is currently on the shop page of Binxy Baby for their "Indigo Dream"!

Everyone always talks about how much room a tiny baby can take up, but it's never more obvious than when you're out shopping at the grocery store or Target. If they're napping you might want to leave them in their seat, but that takes up a ton of room. Even if they're awake you either have to wear them or keep them in their seat for safety (when they're tiny).

So what's a mama to do when you just wanna get your Target on and you know that your dollar spot purchases are going to fill up the basket before you even get what you came for?

Emylee Says | Shop Binxy - Shopping at Target Just Got a Heck of a Lot Easier

Binxy Baby is a shopping cart hammock that meets every safety standard. It can hold your babe or your babe in their carseat so you can free up space in your basket for other things that matter.

It comes in super cute patters, rolls easily when it's not in use and can even be placed with two side-by-side for multiples. I can attach the Binxy with one hand (my baby or Starbucks may or may not be in the other hand, no judge).

Penelope loves cruising around in the cart even awake in the Binxy and I know she's safe. I gifted our extra two to another mama and a Gigi and they love them!

Grab your Binxy here and get 10% off your order now through May 31st, 2017!