Favorite Baby Gear (For 8 Months and Younger)

If I'm not stopped in the middle of a small town fair for someone to ask where I got our wrap, I'm tagged on Facebook asking my opinion about cloth diapers. So, I thought it was time for a little roundup of the baby gear we've loved so far. Penelope just turned 8 months so we've got an assortment of best for newborn + best for babe on the go. Enjoy!

The 20 things That Are Super Useful for The First 8 Months of Having a Baby

Psssst....this most obvi contains affiliate links.

Dock-a-Tot - I would buy this 1,000 times over. We just upgraded Penelope to the larger size (the grand). You can read more about my love for this magical product here.

Halo Sleep Sack - Holy moly this thing has saved our lives. Penelope is an explorer and so if she's not swaddled she keeps herself up at night sucking her hands, moving around and crawling. This thing puts her to sleep practically instantly and is super easy to use.

Spoon Walker - Our girl is on the go and sometimes gets agitated if she can't follow us around the house. This has been super helpful to have her in while I cook or just to let her move around.

Grovia 2-in-1 Hybrid Cloth Diaper - We decided to cloth because of the money savings and better materials. It's definitely been a journey that deserves its own post, but these particular diapers have been ah-mazing. We use them with these liners (once non-breast milk poop started happening) and these pads.

Diaper Pail with these reusable liners - Looking for something to contain the smell of dirty cloth diapers was hard, but this thing has been awesome. It helps seal in the odor and is easy to unload to wash.

Water Wipes - I'm super careful about what I put on Penelope's skin (especially near sensitive parts). These things are just water + grapefruit and we love them.

White Noise Machine - We had this white noise machine for ourselves before Penelope was even born and I knew I'd get the same one for her. It's a fan white noise machine and not an artificial recording. On sleepless nights I can tell when recordings loop and I start counting them so this one has been crucial.

Ingenuity Smart Clean High Chair - It took my awhile to find this gem. I want an easy to clean, modern, and convertible chair. This checks all those boxes. It's super easy to assemble and use.

Wildbird Sling - This is the item I get literally stopped in the street about. It's been crucial for snuggles, cranky babies and hands free carrying. I talk more about it here.

Amber Teething Necklace - I can't really tell if this is working or not. We are lucky and have a very chill baby. I put this necklace on Penelope when she was about 4 months old and we haven't taken it off since.

Bouncer - Penelope has been using this less and less, but it was super crucial when she was less mobile. It keeps her at a nice upright angle so she's able to see what's going on around her. I sit her in this when I get ready in the morning and she loves it.

Chicco Bottle Warmer - I never thought I'd have opinions on good bottle warmers vs. bad ones. This one is awesome. I'd never try another. It has a great timer, easy to fill, loud beep when a bottle is ready and a lot of built in settings. My parents got another warmer for their house and I hate it because it doesn't have a shut off feature and can very easily overheat a bottle.

Guava Pack'n Play - As soon as girlfriend started being on the go this thing was helpful to have around. She's slept in it while we travel, plays in it outside, and sits in it in our living room. It's super easy to fold up and light enough for me to carry downstairs to the car. You can also read more about the Guava Family here.

Joovy Boob - I heard all these horror stories of babies hating bottles and moms having to try a lot before committing to a certain brand. We lucked out and Penelope loved this from day 1. They never caused any gas or reflux issues and have held up to numerous heat due to the glass material. 

Gentle Baby Essential Oil - You want sleep crack for a baby? This is it in bottle form. I rub this in my hands and let her smell them when she's cranky, rub it on her pajamas and dock when she goes down to sleep. Lifesaver.

Copaiba Essential Oil - We're an all natural household and have never used Tyenol for pain, so this is a great substitute. I rub a little bit of this on her sore gums and it does the trick.

Car Freezer - Since we relied on donor breast milk and traveled a lot we needed something to keep her milk frozen in long car rides. This thing is awesome. Load it with frozen goods and it literally stays frozen the entire time (we've tested it as far as 5 hours).

Play Gym - Penelope hasn't used this for months (ever since she started crawling), but when she wasn't mobile she loved it. It's where I would lay her every morning and she'd entertain herself for (literally) hours just watching and pulling on the animals.

Nest Cam - We went back and forth about deciding which camera to get for her room and I'm so happy we settled on this one. I love that we can see her from our phones, we get notifications when she moves or makes a sound and we can repurpose it as a general house/nanny/security camera once we don't need it for her room.

Baby's Only Organic Formula - At about 8 months we started running low on donor breast milk so I started adding it a bit of formula to extend our supply. After extensive research this is the one we settled on and so far so good.