Hi there!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read about our story. If you haven’t met us yet we’re Emylee and Bryan. The last three years have been filled with a bunch of greatness. We got married, bought a house, adopted another dog and spent time together just being a married couple. But the last three years have also been filled with a lot of uncertainty, doctor’s appointments, pain, tears, medicines, and frustrations. In the hope of growing our family and welcoming a baby into our lives we met road block after road block. Medically we are unable to bring a baby here on our own without thousands of dollars of medical expenses and procedures. Even the route of adoption, which is turning out to be the hardest mountain to climb, bears the cost of ten’s of thousands of dollars. 

We’ve been in a place of unknowing for a while. We were stuck in the sand of not being able to make a decision. The thought of where will the money come from? Who will we owe? What won’t be taken care of because of our decision? It’s a tough call to make. 

Then we heard something fantastic. Our Aunt, Shelly Sparks, sat us down and tearfully told us that the committee that runs Timmy’s Golf Classic had chosen us to be their 2015 beneficiary. Our family has been holding this tournament, in honor of our cousin Tim, for the last three years. Tim always wanted to change lives and what better way to do that than coming together for a cause. We were blown away with gratitude with this news. And hope. The funds raised from this tournament are going to helping our family grow. To helping us finally become parents. So whatever part that you end up playing this September we are forever grateful.