New House Vibes: Inspiration for Our 3rd Home

We bought a house! We’ve been “looking-not-really-looking” basically since the day we moved into our current home (our second purchase). This home was a quick purchase because of where we were at in our adoption process with P (we had just moved from Oklahoma to Missouri and needed to get a new home study ASAP). Because of the part of town we were looking, houses were just more expensive than what we were used to back in OK so we kinda had to just settle on what we could get two years ago.

Modern House Inspiration Mood Board

But, the time has officially come when we can move on and I’m so, so happy about it. We outgrew our current space fast and even faster when P came. We’re also the kind of people that want to have the house where people gather and our current home could not support that.

With our next home being our third home purchase in less than 6 years we were very particular about what we liked and didn’t like and what were nonnegotiables for both of us. I’ll be the first to admit that we’re difficult homebuyers and take our time to getting around to being ready, but once we find “the one” we move really fast. We saw our new house on a Monday evening and our offer was accepted by Friday evening, for example.

Things We Were Looking For

  • Attached 2 or 3 car garage (we’ve NEVER had a proper garage for 2 cars before!).

  • Master bedroom separate from other rooms (our first house had this, second house didn’t…you can definitely tell the difference in privacy).

  • Vaulted ceiling somewhere, preferably in the living space (I needed some space to breathe).

  • Semi-open concept (we like a bit of separation in spaces, but still conversational, both of our previous houses had such a separation in the kitchen/living that I always felt isolated when cooking).

  • Space in the right places. So this one is the hardest to explain which made the process tricky. We don’t find the need for formal dining or living spaces or extra dens just because. I like my space to be usable and functional.

  • Either a complete ugly pile of poo we could put our stamp on…or…all entirely updated, but done right (most flips we’ve seen are still not our style and I feel super guilty for wanting to rip out a brand new kitchen).

  • Preferably a finished basement (basements are a thing here in Missouri/Kansas). Most we’ve seen are finished, but ugly (drop ceiling and smelly carpet) or totally creepy and gross.

  • Walk-in closets (preferably his and hers). Listen, we have a lot of clothes and shoes so we need our own big spaces.

I could go on and on, because of course as we looked at houses online and in person the list kept getting longer :) But the fact of the matter is - we did find our dream space! One that we’re so damn happy to call home for many, many years. And of course I’ve been Pinning all the things. If you care to see what’s on my mind…

Some of these things are easily achievable with a little bit of paint and some will take some time and elbow grease. Either way I haven’t felt so settled even before we moved it, ever. I’m taking comfort that the house is amazing as is and these touches can happen over time as we evaluate our needs.

Now to sell our house! If you know of anyone in the South KC area looking to buy send ‘em our way. Our first home sold within 48 hours for $10k over asking. Something tells me we won’t have quite that luck, but I’m still hopeful!