Not-So Favorite Baby Gear (Things We Never Used)

Earlier this week I wrote out a big long post about all the gear we've loved so far. Well, today is about the things that never really took hold. Luckily, this list isn't too long, but maybe it'll help you when you're deciding between this or that. I'll also include some things we didn't buy (but was suggested) with a * that I never missed having. Now, remember, every baby is different and yada yada so ultimately it's up to you.

Also, just because it didn't work out for me doesn't mean you might not want to buy them so I've included affiliate links throughout.

The 14 Things I Thought We Needed, But Never Used With Our New Baby

Bumbo Floor Seat - I was told this would help Penelope learn how to sit up faster, make eating on the go easier and be able to provide her some independence without having her roam around. It just wasn't the case for us. She's sat in it a handful of times and it's not the small to carry on-to-go (certainly not to take into restaurants like some parents do).

Rocking Chair - My Aunt bought us a beautiful, vintage, rattan rocker for our nursery, but we've barely sat in it. It's super comfortable and has a small footprint so I'm not mad that we have it (and I'll pop that sucker in our living room eventually). Some babes love being rocked, ours doesn't really care.

Rock n' Play - Parents swear by these things. Every person I talked with was like "get this and nothing else". So we did. In fact we got two just so we wouldn't have to move one from our bedroom. I ended up returning the second before I even put it together when I found I wasn't sucked into the cult following. We used the first a handful of nights when she was a newborn, but not at all once we brought her home to Kansas City.

Wipe Warmer* - This thing was all but shoved in my cart by employees at BBB. I'm not into creating a problem before there is a problem and I felt like this was one of those things. If my babe doesn't get used to warm wipes on her butt, then cold ones won't bother her. After 8.5 months of not having one I have never wished we did (like what are you supposed to do on-the-go to warm your wipes?).

Bottle Dishwashing Basket / Drying Trees* - I had seen these devices at others houses of people I know who have kids and kind of always thought they must be necessary. We moved to a house with very little counter space so I didn't get them literally just for that reason. After washing countless bottles I don't feel like we would've ever really used them. We did get a sanitizer instead and love it to pieces.

Pacifier Clips - You know those clip on things that keep the pacifier handy? Yeah, we got a couple of those as gifts and literally never used them once.

Pacifier Pocket - I guess this would be a different story if Penelope was a huge pacifier fan, but after a few weeks she wasn't into them. I'm also not a huge germaphobe so I would just toss the one pacifier she did use in the diaper bag and call it good.

On-The-Go Wipes Case - We got one of these at our shower and I never got around to putting wipes in it. I found that I could squeeze our wipes bag into her changing pad that had a little zipper pouch and it was all good. The extra case just provided more bulk that couldn't be squished so I didn't find it handy at all.

Dad's Diaper Bag* - We did think we'd get one of these for the longest. I remember B trying on a lot of different bags at BBB. We even had one on our registry, but it never got purchased. So far so good. We ended up with the Honest Backpack Diaper Bag (in black) and it's worked perfectly for both of us to carry. Also, love the backpack version instead of a tote or cross body bag.

Hanger Clips - I picked up a pack of these once we started getting outfits that weren't just onesies thinking it could keep them together and make choosing what she'd wear easier. Meh. I found that I like hanging the shirts on their own and then just having a bin in her closet with all her bottoms (tights, jeans, shorts, etc). It makes it easier when I'm putting away her clean clothes.

Humidifier - Now this is one of those "it came in really handy for like 3 weeks and then we never used it again" products. We had to stay in another state before we got clearance to bring her to Kansas City. The place we were staying was really dry (and it was January after all) so the humidifier was a lifesaver during that time. But once we got home we have a whole house humidifier so it wasn't necessary. But, we did buy a regular humidifier (not a baby themed one) so it could be used in any room at any time.

Changing Pad Covers - THIS. THIS is one of those things I want to shout from the rooftops to not ever get. Oh my god, they're so worthless. Listen, is the changing pad a little cool when I lay Penelope on it to change her? Sure. Does she care? Not that much. You know what matters? Is when she pees or shits or snots everywhere and I have to pull the cover off to wash it instead of just wiping it down. These things literally just create more laundry and I'm out.

No Scratch Mittens - Unless we bought the worst ones in the world, these things are worthless. They kept flying off, the wouldn't stay put, we'd lose one or the other. Not a fan. (P.S. I linked to ones that might work better).

Boppy - Granted, I didn't nurse. This is another one of those "omg you need this" products and I just didn't feel it. We used it a couple of times to have a pillow or support when holding her while she slept (when she was brand new), but other than that haven't really used it.