Penelope Sleeps Through the Night Because of This

Due to my brand presence over at Think Creative Collective I received a Dock-a-Tot to try out and provide some images. I decided to share our experience further here on my personal blog, because this product is the bee's knees.

How much would you trade for a full night's sleep as a new parent? Or perhaps even the knowledge of knowing your little one won't fall off the sofa or the bed? Or the ability to bring a bed that smells like home easily in the back seat of your car?

Well all that privilege comes with one handy product, the Dock-a-Tot. Before Penelope was born I had my eye on these beautiful creatures mostly because their Instagram is on point.

Can you spot Penelope below?

Images from Dock-A-Tot's Instagram.

Once we moved Penelope out of her Rock n Play (which she only liked for the first couple of weeks) we transitioned her to her Dock.

We kept her in her Dock in between us at night for the first 7 weeks and it went amazingly. Safe co-sleeping for the win! She would go down easily and sleep until morning and was always such a happy camper. It was magic.

Around 7 weeks she fell asleep in her Dock on the couch and we decided to just try it in her crib. She slept through the night. And then did the same the next night. And the one after that.

Since transitioning her from our bed in her Dock to her bed in her Dock she's only had one night where we've brought her back in bed with us (she's 4 months this week). 

When girlfriend is ready for bed she tells us. She has her last bottle and we place her in her Dock awake and she's good to go until morning. Seriously. Magic.

Granted I know that some of this just has to do with her personality and temperament, but the Dock keeps her snuggled and warm which I think is a big part of it.

A bonus feature (outside of a full night's sleep!) is the comfort that she ain't going anywhere on the sofa/bed/floor. In the early days this is how I was actually able to get some work done because I could be right next to her, but not having to adjust her.

Seriously, we love this thing and are planning on getting the larger one here soon. You can grab 10% off your Dock by heading here!

Here are some non-profesh pics of our Dock.