Photo Session with My Wildbird

Due to my brand presence over at Think Creative Collective I received a My Wildbird wrap to try out and provide some images. I decided to share our experience further here on my personal blog, because this product is the bee's knees.

Wildbird Ring Sling | Best Device for Baby Wearing

You guys know that I was panicking about bonding with our baby once we brought her home and really wanted to rock baby wearing. Well, when Wildbird said they wanted to send us a ring sling to try out I said heck yes.

Any opportunity to try a new way to wear and I am down.

Emylee Says | Wild Bird Ring Sling

The fact that this one is a ring sling does make it very different from the Solly Wrap (which I talked about here). It takes a little bit more learning to figure out how to wear, but once you get it figured out it's easier to do on-the-go than the Solly.

I can put on the ring sling prior to getting in the car and drive fine (if I do this with the Solly it gets a little hard to drive). Even if I forget to put it on before we leave I can easily slip on the sling in the parking lot (the Solly is doable, but the ends might touch the ground).

I also love that I can easily let Penelope sit on my hip in the sling.

Wildbird has great tutorials on their website if you are confused on how to get it situated (full disclosure I had the ring too far on her skin in the first pic and have since mastered the ring sling). 

It's also super easy to clean in the wash (even with the metal ring) and the long extra portion can be wrapped up around the ring or used as a burp cloth if you're gross like me.

Here are some non-profesh snaps of us + our Wildbird Sling.