So What's The Deal?

Why can't we get pregnant? The very simple answer is because I have endometriosis. It's causing a slew of things to prevent pregnancy along with a mess of other super fun extras. 

Endometriosis is a disorder in which tissue that normally lines the uterus forms outside the uterus. It's totally non fatal and non cancerous but has huge effects. I have so much tissue built up the one of my Fallopian Tubes is completely blocked which means I don't even ovulate half the time. There are also tissue cysts that have decided to hang out on other organs of my body. When these tissues get bumped or I'm under stress they inflame and cause me a huuuge amount of cramping pain and a flux of emotions. 

The initial cause of endo is unknown as of now, but the reasons why cysts form is because of an extremely high level of estrogen. To counteract these levels, to lower my pain and to prevent new cysts from forming it's recommended that I be on birth control. Which, obviously doesn't help me get pregnant but it helps me not be in intense pain and from crying every other day. 

My initial plan of care outlined multiple surgeries to remove the cysts blocking my tubes alongside shots to force me into mass ovulation. The surgeries aren't guaranteed to clear enough out and as soon as I roll out of surgery there's a ticking clock for new cysts to form. The shots basically put me into pre-menopause that come along with some icky side effects. Hot flashes, weight gain, depression, anxiety, mood swings, oh and irreversible bone density loss. The mass ovulation is in place to raise my chances of getting pregnant when and if my body decided to release an egg. If the initial round doesn't work they go back in for more surgery and another round of shots. 

So I left that appointment loaded with shitty options. I didn't like the sound of anything.