Dream Job to day job: pricing for profit e-course


I get it boss babe.

You’re in constant overwhelm because your business feels like a hot mess. You are in over your head struggling to figure out everything you need to learn to make your business feel legit. You want actionable steps so you can actually make real dollar bills.

Hey, you belong here.

Bosses, it's time to start taking your biz seriously. It's time to get your head in the game and figure out this whole "pricing thing".

If you feel like you can only charge "what the market can bear" or if you're not even factoring your time in your pricing, this course is for you. If you're confused about what the heck a sales funnel is or how to set up your packages or even exactly what to offer your clients, this course is for you. If you're still baffled at how competitors are selling to YOUR dream clients or how others are able to get paid to be creative, this course is for you. 

Start your free video training below. Then hop on board to dive deep into 5 jam packed modules and amazing bonus freebies. 

Introducing Dream job to day job: pricing for profit

Hey, I know this biz. After graduating with a degree in Photography + Design with a minor in Psychology I set off and opened up my very own photography business. It may seem like a random pairing of educations but let me tell you there is a psychology behind buying and selling and pricing and just being in business. I've spent the last 4 years in business learning by trial and error, following the biz models of people that were my "competitors" and just plain ole starting before I'm ready. This course provides you with the foundation of what every business is built on - pricing. 

Who is the dream job to day job for?


This E-Course is built for creative girl bosses at all levels.

Past students include bosses just graduating from college with a major side hustle and also bosses that have been doing it for over a decade, but still not having pricing clarity. The only thing that's really required is for you to be ready to actually make some changes. 

I know the excuses, because I've used them. But I don't think they're getting you anywhere. The tribe that makes up each class of Dream Job to Day Job are bosses built with drive, ready to get on the grind, actionable, badass boss babes. We get shit done. 

The Dream Job to Day Job E-Course is jam packed full of boss styled education meant to push you on and up. 

here's a break down of the entire course

You won't be alone

We are small but mighty.

With the purchase of the full Dream Job to Day Job E-Course you gain access to the private and intimate mastermind, The Constant Curators. This group has bosses that have gone through the course and have been in your shoes.  The group is there for you to come to with questions as they pop up throughout the modules, but we also stick around.

Twice a month I host an hour long Q & A that focuses on one topic with the goal of generating new ideas for all bosses and lighting a fire in your butt so you can go out and get shit done. 

We are a tribe of successful and thoughtful women. 


But wait, there's more!

The Dream Job to Day Job E-Course is jam packed full of extra bonuses. Just to give you an idea....you'll get your hands on....

  • Swipe Files for Client Communication + Social Media Posts
  • Printable guides to plan your week
  • Archived content of past Q & A's 
  • Opportunity for free coaching
  • and much more!

Don't just take my word for it

Here's What others are saying about it.

You are offering more valuable advice for creative entrepreneurs and more valuable content than I have seen in a while!
— Paige
I have raised my prices, revamped my work schedule and just gotten my butt in gear. Entrepreneurship can be lonely and I had lost motivation. This group is motivating me again to be a girl boss and get stuff done.
You training gave me so much clarity on things some that I was hearing for the first time.
— Briana
I’ve raised my prices and have put more focus on my ‘freebies’. The network of involved people ready to help you and answer questions is invaluable. This course has well surpassed all my expectations and experiences with other ‘similar’ courses.
I’ve been doing this gig for so long and have settled on selling things at the going rate in the industry. I finally sat down and got my butt in gear. I’m so excited to get to work knowing that I’m actually headed towards my dream job even though I’ve been struggling along for almost 12 years. Thanks for motivating me!
— Karen