Best Business Resources: Podcasts

I cannot express to you enough the power of constant curation. That is everything that this website and brand is about. That being #boss is a constant work of bettering yourself, learning, failing, trying harder and a-ha moments. I'll be sharing other business resources later next week but I had to start with my new favorite way to gain knowledge: podcasts. I know, I know, I'm probably 5 years behind everyone else on this train but for everyone else who maybe hasn't dipped their toe into the podcast world listen up. They are mini audio knowledge bombs for your everything. Really. And THEY'RE FREE. What?? Yeah, you can get these below on iTunes Podcasts (app on your iPhone) or through Sound Cloud (free app) and listen for free. Amaze. 

I'll start with the Podcast that got me hooked (let's be honest it was Serial, but that's not business related) - Being Boss. Get to know the amazingness that is Emily Thompson of Indie Shopography and Kathleen Shannon of Braid Creative. Both creative entrepreneurs they are open books in every episode covering commonly asked about topics and sometimes specific reader questions. If you need a kick in the butt to get sh*t done spend an afternoon catching up.  


Next up is a Podcast that I found while listening to "Being Boss" - The Life Coach School. I have never listened to someone that makes more sense then Brooke Castillo. With an education in Psychology she brings facts, reasoning and explanations to the business person's everyday behaviors and thoughts. She cuts to the chase about being honest with yourself, finding your truths, failing, fear and everything in between. I'm finding her late so she's got quite the roster of episodes already piled up (over 45 I think) but I started at Episode 1 and you should too. Things just make more sense when you get the whole picture. 


So before we go I want to play a little "Life Coach" inspired activity. Brooke talks about how she asks her clients to make a list of 25 things they want in their life. Like, they really, really want these things - it can be anything. So make your list. I made mine. Now she says, generally all of the things on the list are things that you don't have yet. Right? That makes sense. But let's rewrite the list making every other thing something that you already have. So for example here's a peek at my original list:

1. Be debt free

2. Visit Greece

3. Grow our family

4. Remodel our dream house 

Now here is my new list after I added in things that I already have:

1. Be debt free

2. Have a solid marriage

3. Vist Greece

4. Have multiple dogs (rescue)

5. Grow our family

6. Have a job with flexibility

7. Remodel our dream house

8. Own a home

I hope that helps make things sensible. Brooke speaks a lot on not forgetting to acknowledge what you do have and how it will help you stay in a positive mindset to work for the things that you still want. So that when you look at the list (and look at it everyday!) you don't see a list of impossibles. Rather you see a list that's already half accomplished. Pretty mind blowing, huh?

I'd love to hear a couple of your "already have's" that you had to add into your list. Leave them in the comments below or email me if that is more comfortable for you.