3 Tips to Get Out of That Funk

We've all been there. More than once. That funk that creeps in and decides to campout. Maybe your funk came after a launch or your own mini biz success. Maybe it came after a biz flop. Either way it's usually uninvited and if we don't intentionally kick it out the door it can be harmful for the future of our biz and selves. 

We've all been in "that funk". It lingers and sucks our biz aspirations down with it - here are three ways you can step right on out of that funk.


Shut everything down and step away. You might just need a few hours at the coffee shop with a book or you might need the weekend. There will be nothing that will fall apart that much if you step away. There's nothing like making bad or impulse decisions based on "the funk". You don't want lingering effects of the funk once you get back in your boss mindset, so just step away.


Sure you can sound off on your significant other or BFF or your mom (and you should!) but it usually feels a thousand times better if the person on the other end of the line gets it. Your biz BFF will let you vent off everything you need, sob like a Kardashian and just overall complain about all your "funks" - but - then she will help you snap right out of it. She is the person that can provide you with actionable steps for you to turn things back around. 


Hopefully the chat you just had with your biz BFF got you a little bit out of that funk and maybe fueled with ideas. Inside a funk sometime those ideas seem impossible or all over the place so the best thing to do is to start writing. Take out a sheet of paper and word vomit all over it. Write down the craziest things that are floating all around in your funky head. This helps bring so much clarity and helps re-trigger the part of your brain that got you here in the first place. 

After stepping out of (a little bit too long) funk not too long ago these are the best strategies that helped get me through it. Sometimes the funk comes back, but I get back to these steps ASAP to help kill it. Recognize though that the funk is normal, healthy, and something we all go through. It's a part of the creative hustle, babe.