4 Ways You Can Build an Authentic Tribe


Building a tribe of bosses takes time and mindful action. The results are amazing to both your biz mindset and functionality. Here are my top four tips in growing an authentic tribe. 

1. Join Facebook Mastermind groups 

There are both free and paid versions of these groups out there. All of the paid groups that I'm in where a bonus to something I bought from that person. So generally a course or workbook with a private group to ask questions about that topic. There are tons of free groups out there but it's easy to get in too many and feel overwhelmed. The top two free groups I recommend are The Savvy Business Owners hosted by Heather Crabtree (join here) and of course The Strategy Academy (join here).  

By being in the groups you will have access to tons of resource the hosts posts plus all the knowledge and participation of every member. A good group will have daily or weekly topics to spark engagement, the host will respond as much as they can, there will be timely and appropriate places for members to promote themselves, and there will generally be some good housekeeping rules to follow. 

You can definitely join these groups and just hang out and read and browse and get loads of tips. Building your tribe comes in when you're active though. So comment on people's posts answering their questions or giving advice. Following the promotion rules and only sharing things that you offer that are helpful to that crowd. Make yourself known in the group for whatever it is that you do. Not only can you start to build a tribe of bosses, but you might get hired too.

2. Comment on Instagram posts

Instagram has been one of the best ways for me to find like minded bosses and creatives. I've gone on to both book and hire from people I've connected with on Insta. You can see right off the bat everything they're about just with their feed and interaction. The best way to get and stay on someone's radar is to like and comment. 

Whenever you're commenting make sure it's authentic. Don't comment for the sake of leaving a comment, rather actually engage in the post and add value. Every grammer out there once more interactions on their posts so if you are one that's always leaving a comment they will take note of you. 

Instagram interactions have also led to a coordinated Follow Friday and coordinated Loops. These help you both grow your following so curating up your feed so you are a viable option to share is always good.

3. Find ways you can donate your goods or services to like minded bosses

Hands down the thing that has had the most impact on me growing my biz, following and relationships was by donating goods. I responded to an Insta post last year from Thuy of My Paper Pinwheel asking for donations for an event she had coming up. I offered up some prints from (my now non-existent) Etsy shop. She asked me to mail them to her but since I knew she lived in my city I offered to meet up with her instead. We met, clicked and have been working together ever since. 

4. Interview bosses you admire or get interviewed yourself

Another way to have a tribe member on standby is to ask to interview them. Not only is this super flattering for the boss you're interviewing, but it grows a continued relationship. People who get interviewed will likely share your posts, possibly have a "feature on" tab on their site with you listed and will come back to you for future opportunities. 

Anne Samoilov that offers Fearless Launching talked about recently how she emailed all of her past interviewers asking if they would be interested in being an affiliate for her course and sharing it (basically being paid to share/sell someone's course). Most responded that they would be happy to share her without being an affiliate. 

So if whether you're the interviewer or the interviewee you will have a boss babe in your back pocket that you can share and come to for future "shout out" type of opportunities.