Are You Ready to Leave MailChimp?

Although I love MailChimp there are many reasons that got me to make the daunting task of switching email providers. See here if you're ready to do the same.

I recently shared with you the pros and cons of MailChimp, but I kind of hinted at some reasons of why I would be leaving them.

Basically MailChimp was counting a single subscriber as multiple subscribers if they were on more than one list. I like to target my audience with emails that I know they want to hear and not bother them with emails they have no interest in. One of the best ways to do this is to create multiple lists. You can create groups in MailChimp, but you cannot create a sign up form for a group so you would have to manually add people to your groups as they're added (what's the point??). 

Once I was getting close to my 500 subscriber limit in the monthly paid version I would have to start paying per-subscriber or per email send. Since I didn't want to deal with that I knew I had outgrown MailChimp. I started researching and asking around and signed up for free trials of Constant Contact and GetResponse. I'll let you know who I ended up with in another post and a breakdown of all the new features.


  • you have more than 500 subscribers and on paid version of MailChimp
  • you want your email provider to do more than just send emails (like social media integration, scheduled social media posts, send downloadable content [freebies, PDF's] etc)
  • you want telephone customer support
  • you want a custom, branded email template

The number one reason why I left MailChimp is because of the subscriber count issue. I found that when I started looking into other companies I was missing out on a lot of what a mail provider could be giving me. I am so so happy with who I went with and can't wait to share all the details with you!