Avoid Course Buying Remorse With These 5 Steps


I recently went through a round of a course buying binge. We've all been there. You think where has this course been my whole life? I need more courses! Then of course Google just knows so you're flooded with courses for the next couple of weeks and months. You make some smart decisions on most of them, but it's really easy to buy just to buy or because you think that you'll learn from it. Here are some quick steps you can ask yourself before you take the plunge into the "next-best-thing" course. 

1. Can you make your money back with the things taught in the course?

It's a simple question, but one you may not want to be honest with yourself about. I feel so strongly about answering this one though that I even ask people this question before they buy my courses. If you don't think what you're about to invest in will make you the money back relatively quickly by getting you a skill or clarity that can up-level your business then you should pass. 

2. Are there any past testimonials from girl bosses similar to you that have loved the course?

I'm not saying brand new courses aren't worth diving in for (hello, I just launched my first e-course and I'm so glad those girl bosses leaped in with me!). But before you commit take some time getting to know the teacher. Do you like what she's putting out there already? Is she working with anybody that has given her rave reviews? Do you like her style of teaching (find past posts or videos of her to see) and do you think you can learn by her style? Do you feel like you are getting soooo much more for your money? Generally first time course offers have extra incentives because they know they're so new. 

3. Is it taught by someone you would work with or hire for 1:1?

Crowds attract crowds. Is the crowd around the course that you're hoping to buy "your people"? Say for instance it's a course How to Be Your Own Account: Bookkeeping for Small Business and is taught by a Realtor but you're a Stationary shop. I'm not saying Realtors can't teach for all crowds, but it probably won't be taught in a way that you will understand or be able to implement as easily for your business. If you wouldn't hire the teacher to help you in your business 1:1 then you should probably pass. 

4. Are you buying the course because you're too lazy to figure out the skill yourself?

Hahaha this isn't meant to be rude, but be honest babe! This has been the Number One cause of my course regret. I spent money on something that I thought would be a quick learned skill instead of taking the time to educate myself by trial and error and just doing it. Some things are just that way. You just have to do and do and do before you get it instead of hoping to become an expert after watching 5 videos on the subject. 

5. Does your business need the course or do you want the course?

Are you a family photographer that just needs to buy this floral arranging class? Are you a stationary shop girl that just needs to buy this course on copy writing? Sometimes the answer is absolutely yes, but sometimes it's just something that sounds fun or interesting to you and you try to use your business needs as an excuse to buy. If the class or course sounds fun to you and you know you probably won't use it in business just know that it should come out of personal money fund instead of business. There is nothing wrong with taking courses just because you like the sound of it - you might love it and use it! You might make some connections in the business! Just be honest with yourself about why you're purchasing. 

Good luck boss babes! Tell me about courses that you've recently bought and loved! I may get suckered in again :)