Be The Face of Your Biz


I began shooting Lifestyle Marketing sessions about this time last year. It's actually what got me more focused on the "getting your biz shit together" type of direction. I found that during the hour or so I would spend with some amazing bosses we would end up talking shop. I was always loaded with ideas, tips, and tweaks that they could be making to their biz, brand, website, offers, social name it. A bunch of them would end up calling me after wanting to book me for coaching so they could curate their brand further. Thus, Emylee Says was born. 

I wanted to reintroduce the Lifestyle Marketing Sessions again for those of you who may be new. Sometime last year I was noticing a bunch of you bosses missing from your brands. I saw your posts on insta of new products or clients but never you. You are always the one behind the camera or iphone figuring out the next thing for your clients with never enough time to figure out how to be in front of the camera. 

Well I'm probably not the first to tell you, but actually putting a face to your biz changes the nature of your biz and how clients think and feel about you immensely. It humanizes what you do, adds a personal touch, let's people feel like they "know" you and adds trust and value like no other. 


Lifestyle Marketing sessions are perfect for almost every type of creative girl boss. Bloggers, photographers, marketing strategists, coaches, you name it. My clients use their images as professional head shots, non-selfie profile pictures, Instagram and social media stock marketing pieces, website images, for presentations, again - you name it! 

The importance of putting a face - your face - to your biz is invaluable. Check out this page in The Strategy Academy to learn more about Lifestyle Marketing Sessions and how you can book one for your biz. 

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