#BossBabes – Give Back!


Kirstin's goal was to create a product that is comprised of natural ingredients that nurtures the skin, (they pride ourselves in using ingredients with integrity) while also giving back to both their local community (Long Beach, CA) and nationwide.
Not only have they partnered with YesWeServe™, they actively volunteer, visit orphanages all over the world, care for their underprivileged youth locally, fundraise annually, and also have a seat at the table of board of directors. 


Hey #BossBabes! Can I just say how excited I am to be a contributor to Emylee Says blog post (wooop-wooop)!!! Thanks for the opportunity boss babe!

A little tid bit about the brand: About 7 months ago I created a big batch of body butter and shared it with a few colleagues at work for Christmas. My husband encouraged me to pursue it as a business, and I did!

As I contemplated how to set my brand 2 sweet | 2 touch™ apart from others, I began to think about what I’m most passionate about and then it hit me . . . GIVING BACK! I’m passionate about giving back to those in need. So creating this brand became two-fold: 1.) Producing a body butter that’s comprised of natural ingredients that nourish the skin and 2.) Giving 5% of the proceeds to support orphanages all around the world and under privileged youth here in Long Beach, California.

With that being said, what #BossBabe wouldn’t want to give back to their local community? Below are a few thoughts I’ve jotted down that each girl boss should consider when building their brand – Giving Back.

Money vs. Time

“But I can’t afford to give back!” Oh, but you can, darling! I know, because I thought the same thing too. Have you ever heard the phrase “Time is Money?” Well, that’s a true statement! As a girl boss building her brand, who can afford to waste time? I know I can’t. However, where our financial resources may be lacking (for the moment) that’s when we can donate our time to a person, a child or an organization in need. So, as you see, the two go together hand in hand!

Opportunities to Give

Take a moment and ask yourself, “How can I create an opportunity to give?” maybe it’s by committing random acts of kindness. For instance, putting money in a meter that’s about to run out of time, but the owner of the vehicle is nowhere in sight. How much would you make that persons day so they won’t end up with a ticket? Who cares if they never know you put money in the meter. Perhaps you can pay it forward to someone at the gas pump by paying for their gas (maybe not fill up their tank – these California gas prices might have me taking a loan out, smh) but a simple $10 is certainly a generous gesture that will take them from point A to pint B. These are just a couple of examples to create an opportunity to give.

Local Community

So, how do I choose who I want to give my time to? That’s easy! I would suggest by taking a moment to reflect on what you’re most passionate about. If it’s sports, look up the nearest Boys & Girls club or YMCA and inquire about the needs of their sports programs. Maybe you’re passionate about children with special needs. Locate local schools and ask the needs of their special needs programs. Perhaps you’re passionate about keeping our earth green? Find the next beach cleanup in your community; grab your shades, sunscreen, and go! There are so many ways to give back and you can start with the needs of your local community.

As a girl boss you may find you don’t have the money, but you can definitely give your time. Remember, time is money & #BossBabes give back. So go make a difference in your community!