End Goals Are Weird


I'm one of those people that lets a fortune cookie hold a lot of weight. I'm so excited to open them up and see what little words of wisdom I can apply to my life. My fortune the other day was "You do not have to know where you are going to be headed in the right direction."

Holy balls. This is so true.

I think as we work to grow our businesses and we look at those around us we wonder how did they get there? How did they know they wanted to do that? Who knows to work at that goal? The truth is...they didn't. They don't. 

I absolutely could not have even formed the words of what I'm doing now this time last year. Seriously. I had no clue I even wanted to do it let alone that the opportunity would be there for me. I can tell you that every single thing that I do every single day is a little bit of something that I love. I have days that I'm with my family clients taking pictures and creating memories. I have days when I'm on calls all day strategizing with creatives. I have days when I'm just editing and designing my latest e-book or course. I have days when I'm working with other boss babes stylizing sessions. And on and on. 

Just keep hustling as what you're doing now. Keep your creative mind fueled and trust me you will know when to take a turn. You may not realize you're doing it, but sometime down the road you'll wake up and realize you are doing exactly what you couldn't even name before.