Break Up Creative Fatigue


Meet Heather Hanselmann. The boss babe behind Heather is passionate about showing people that just because someone or something makes you feel like you cannot do something that does not mean that you cannot. She is all about experiencing as much as life has to offer which is why she shares her life experiences with other people whether that be traveling, baking, crafting, or writing through my blog and hopefully inspire you to do the same. Follow Heather's travels here. 

Today I want to talk a little about what I do and why it is important to my overall creativity and wellbeing.

Before I met my husband I didn’t really travel. My family usually didn’t have money for such frivolous things so growing up I learned that a vacation was a working vacation. I usually only took time off for my birthday and to help work on events for the non-profit organizations I volunteered with. Since those days I have discovered the benefits of traveling beyond just going to a cool new place.

The philosophy behind traveling and what is slowly becoming my own philosophy is that traveling is about collecting experiences and not material things. Investing in experiences has proven to be the best kind of therapy in my life. I can tell when it has been a few months in between trips because I feel pent up and creative fatigue. I don’t “feel like” blogging or photographing or even instagraming. I just get caught in a rut of doing things because I have to. When I start to feel like this I know it is time for a trip.

Experiencing a new place opens the flood gates for me on the creativity end. It allows me time to think and contemplate where I am at in life, in my blog, and in my relationships. It ignites my inspiration to share different cultures with my readers, traditional or delicious foods, styles of dress, music, and adventure. It makes me want to work on side projects like drawing, or crafting. My goal is to inspire and encourage more women to get out there and travel and open themselves up to new paths they did not know existed before. If you can dream it you can do it. 

I understand traveling can be expensive and for this very reason most people tell themselves they need to stay at home instead of travel because that money can be used towards bills, food, gas, etc. I am here to say that those things will always be there but your ability to travel may not always be so here are few tips I have put together to get you out into the world and to get inspired.

Start small.

Any type of traveling will help inspire you even if you are only traveling two hours to the next biggest city in your state. In fact weekend trips can be some of the most fun because you are only there for a short while and you want to see and do as much as possible. It also breaks up your day to day stuff and reduces stress. Pick a weekend and commit to it. No excuses! Traveling takes some planning so the sooner you commit the better chance you will have to score an awesome place to stay, rental car, reservations, etc. 

Don’t over plan.

Sometimes in all of the excitement of planning a trip over planning can happen. This can make the trip stressful and not enjoyable. I say plan a few things to do and leave the rest of the time open to do whatever. 

Find a cool place to stay.

Staying in an Air BNB or a bed and breakfast can really get your creative juices flowing. Who doesn’t like beautiful décor? 

If you get a spark or creativity or an idea write it down or draw it out! My notes app on my phone is my life saver. I get so many ideas for things to do on my blog when traveling and a lot of times it’s because I am in a new place. 

Take a lot of pictures.

I take a ton of photos when I travel both on my phone and on my professional camera. They are great to look back at once I get home which can lead to more inspiration and creativity.

I hope this post helps some of you break up that creative fatigue we all get from time to time and also gets you inspired to get out there and travel! 


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