Do You Show Your Prices on the Web?

This is one of the biggest conversations I have with creative entrepreneurs. You want to know whether you should list your full price menu on your website, tease your price point with clients, have a password protected price page. Or if you should bring up the conversation of pricing in an email with clients, bring it up after a client has booked or just kind of tip toe around the whole fact that your charge in general. 

Do you show your prices on your website? Here is my two-step formula for priming clients to begin to think about "the price" as more than a number.

I know that this a huge concern for you and most days you feel like this is the make or break it for you in succeeding. First, let me reassure you that you can't ruin your business no matter the decision you make. But, I will tell you there are tremendous ways you can increase your client trust, make the entire communication process smoother and make more sales - just by talking about your prices with your clients - at every chance you get. 

So let's talk about the thing that changed how I handle talking about money with my photography clients. It's the thing when once I started implementing I 12x my very next sale. It's actually a 2 step "thing" so here's step one. 

I told my clients what they should expect to spend on my website.

I created an "investment" page on my site and there's only three sentences on there. I tell them a dollar amount (which happens to be the minimum I want to make from each sale) along with what their session fee covers (which basically tells them what it doesn't cover). 

Clients should expect to spend anywhere between $900 - $2,00 dollars during their time with Emylee, this includes their $200 session reservation fee. This fee covers the time and talent of the photographer and your in-home session premier presentation. All other products including digital files, canvases and albums may be purchased during the premier.

Having this page served many purposes for me. First, it let clients have an idea of how much it costs to hire me without me having to stumble over my words. It also helps reduce the emails I would get along the lines of "hey, how much is an 8x10 and a disc of images?!". I knew I wanted to serve my clients more than that so it's why I wasn't a shoot and burn photographer (but that's another post). Possibly most importantly it helped me feel reassured about my clients once they did contact me. I knew that once they were emailing me and booking that they have already seen that page - so I could go in confidently with our time together not feeling funny about what I was charging. 

The second part of this process is getting a gorgeous and informative pricing guide into my client's hands. I spent hours upon hours designing this beautiful guide that I can send off in a link to my client's after they book. It's a mini-book, about 10-15 pages, that outlines a little bit more about me, my process of shooting and editing, the details of the session premier, my thoughts on ordering discs versus albums or canvases, client testimonials and more. This give my client's a behind-the-scenes look into everything that goes into their end results (something client's don't know!). 

Clients freaking love this guide, babes. And you can easily implement this in any biz. An amazing boss babe that does this so well is Paige Poppe. She basically created a "pricing guide" and put it right on her website, outlining her entire process before she gets to her price. Another way to lay it out is how Abagail Pumphrey of Think Creative does. She reassures her clients that she's worth investing in because she clearly outlines what clients will get from her. 

So I want you to start thinking about ways you can implement these steps into your business. Ask yourself what your clients would want to know - how you can reassure them you're the best deal for them. Think of it as educating them about your process and the behind-the-scenes work you put into their end result so that your price becomes more than a number to them.