Free Webinar + Bonuses!

Free Webinar July 10th 10:00 AM Central. Join me for a sneak peek of Module 1 + hear my journey of getting paid to be creative and see that it's SO doable for you and your biz!

I'm so excited for Friday, babes! If you've been waiting for the VIP doors to open for Dream Job to Day Job there is no better time to commit. This webinar will let you in on a sneak peek inside the course and preview of Module One "Creating Space". There's also some amazing fast action bonuses for you bosses who are for real about your biz

This may be the first course you've heard of or it may seem like you hear of a new course every other week. But I'm telling you bosses this is the tribe to be in. This is the table you want to sit at. This is the material and the community that WILL change your biz. Every single boss that has dived in to Dream Job to Day Job tell me the modules have made them look at their biz in a whole new light. They've been able to raise their prices, organize their products in ways that sell, put out new content strategically and so much more. But even with all those results their absolute favorite part of being a part of this class is the community. The tribe that is built.

When you dive in to Dream Job to Day Job you get access to our private mastermind The Constant Curators. This tribe is made up of women that uplift, inspire and get shit done. You can sit with us. 

Head here to save your seat for the webinar. Even if you can't make it live you'll get the reply IF you register. Come with coffee and q's and a fresh notebook. Let's get some shit done

be bossy today, babe. see you friday.