My First 1000

Holy moly I hit 1k followers on Instagram last week! This is a huge milestone in the Insta world and I'm so excited to see the growth from here. I had been told over and over again that "the first 1k" is the hardest and oh man, was that true. It took me a full 7.5 months to hit 1k! There are some specific strategies I used that helped me get to 1k as well as some things that I thought would help but were just a big waste of time - so let's dive in. 

Copy the strategies I used to get my first 1k on Instagram and take note of the tactics that ended up being a huge waste of time.


  1. THE 3:1 STRATEGY: In the early days getting your name noticed takes a lot of effort. So about once a day I would spend a few minutes implementing the 3:1 strategy. I would browse accounts of similar feeds to mine and like 3 of their images and comment on 1. This helped my name pop up in their notifications multiple times, enough for them to click on over to my profile and if they liked what they saw they gave me a follow back. 
  2. #FRIDAYINTRODUCTIONS: By far one of my highest engaged posts was when I did #fridayintroductions. It's a hashtag that kind of took off awhile ago and gets a lot of attention. I posted a shot of myself that a friend of mine took and gave some details for my followers to get to know me. I introduced myself and my business and gave a few personal details about myself. It's so helpful to put a face and actual story behind what you do!
  3. CONSISTENT POSTING: When I first started my account, I'll be honest, there were days I could not think of things to share some days. But I knew that I had to give the followers I did have a reason to stay. By kind of forcing myself to post at least once a day it forced my creativity to think outside the box. Nowadays I've got a stock pile of posts hanging out on my phone ready to share.
  4. TAGGING STRATEGICALLY: Another way to get seen by bigger accounts and potentially get a shout out is to tag another account. You can do this a couple ways: post a photo of a company's products and tag them in it or repost an account's image and tag them in it. I've done both and they work great. I've actually gotten free goodies sent to me from companies and brands because I tagged a photo of their products! I've also gotten reposted by some brands because I styled up an image using their products and tagged them.

    When tagging always do it twice - so in your description on the photo be sure to use the @companyname but also actually click the "tag" button and type their name in again. The tag in the description allows your followers to easily see who you are referencing and the tag on the photo actually puts your image on the account's "photos of" tab. 


  1. Loops and giveaways: I've been in a few loops now but every time they end up being more work than they are helpful. A loop giveaway is when you team up with a handful of other accounts (ideally under 12) and you all pitch in together to buy something(s) to give away. Then you organize when you will each share the image, the details, the reminders and decide when the contest will end. You can imagine how difficult this is with multiple people! The idea is to all post at exactly the same time and tag the next account in the image until the loop is closed so a contestant has to go through the "loop" and follow every account until they get back to the first account. 

    The problem with a loop is that there will ALWAYS be at least one person who doesn't post when they are supposed to and the loop will be broken. So the organizer has to go through and either decide to wait on the person or kick them out of the loop and everyone else has to go retag their image (headache!). I have found that after ALL of that work at the end of the giveaway I've lost about as many followers as I have gained. 
  2. #followfriday: This is a hashtag that took on really quickly a while back and can be helpful. You can decide to share one account or up to 4 (really however many you want) and tag each of the accounts. You can do a #followfriday on your own or coordinate with a group of other accounts where you all share each other. The idea is to give your followers suggestions for other accounts to follow that they would like. I think so many followers are used to be spammed by this now ("hey go follow these people, just because!) that most don't even pay attention to this anymore. This strategy never led me to any more than 1-3 followers.

Definitely take these strategies and use them for your own Insta growth or tweak them to see how they can work for you! Every account is different and every tribe following you needs different things. Take note on what's working for you and what isn't - that's the best way to keep your account authentic to you and your brand. Followers love realness!