New Branding

A couple of weeks ago I won a free total branding package by the amazing Rachel of Printed Ink Designs. We are currently wrapping up phase one so I wanted to share our progress! I will do a final review of our experience together once the project is complete, but I had too many pretty things to share with you!

After doing some "homework" Rachel was able to create this Brand Inspiration board. We are using this throughout the process as a foundation of look and feel. I think every image in here is spot on with me and how I want Emylee Says to be perceived. 


Next up came my logo options. Rachel is so so talented and it was very hard to choose just one! I had to really look at the designs and see how they meshed with my business. It's hard not to pick just what you think is pretty. 


I was pretty quick to decide which logo I liked best, we made a few tiny adjustments and moved on to my brand style board. This is where I took a little bit longer because we were trying to get the colors just right. I'm a major weirdo when it comes to color and everything always seems so bright to me. 


We've made a couple adjustments with coloring still on this board. Rachel is super patient with my crazy. Next up we have some business card and newsletter header to design then we move on to website! I'm so thrilled to be going through my (major need of) rebranding with Rachel. 

See more of her work and contact her at Printed Ink Designs.