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Periscope + The New Frontier of Social Media. Read all about how Persicope can help you create an authentic brand and grab the Newbie's Guide to Periscope.

Have you ever experienced something that you just KNEW INSTANTLY was going to impact your life in a big way? Well that’s how I feel about Periscope.    


I was in a group chat the other day when someone asked that question, and it was then that I realized even though there are 8.5 million Periscope users, it’s still relatively unknown. The idea of livestreaming is still a bit new for some people, so for those who might not know, Periscope is a mobile app (available for both iOS and Android) that allows users to broadcast livestream video content worldwide from their phone or tablet. In addition to broadcasting, users can also hop into other streams and engage in real time, which makes it a highly addictive and interactive social media platform. 

Periscope + The New Frontier of Social Media. Read all about how Persicope can help you create an authentic brand and grab the Newbie's Guide to Periscope.


I’ve been “scoping” for 12 days and I’ve already made more connections on Periscope than I did in almost 3 years on Twitter, plus I’ve started to develop some genuine “real life” relationships as a result. Pretty amazing right? You might wonder how that’s possible in such a short timeframe, but it ultimately comes down to one thing: authentic engagement. Authenticity is thrown around so haphazardly these days, but it’s incredibly important that you be your true self when attempting to build a loyal audience, no matter what platform you’re on. There may be an electronic screen between you and the people on the other end, but they will see through you if you try to be someone you’re not or make it into a popularity contest. There is real value in social media, and now more than ever since the progression of livestreaming mobile apps has stripped away the need to enhance or polish your video content. Viewers are tuning in to see YOU in your rawest, realest, most authentic form. If you provide them with exactly that, they will soon know, like and trust you, and be primed to transform from a loyal audience into paying customers and clients. 

Periscope + The New Frontier of Social Media. Read all about how Persicope can help you create an authentic brand and grab the Newbie's Guide to Periscope.

Emylee outlined 4 Ways You Can Build an Authentic Tribe last month, and I would add creating your own unique space on Periscope to the list. If you have an authentic presence on Periscope, you will be able to convert viewers into followers, followers into believers and believers into buyers. For those of you who like numbers, in one week’s time I made 250 connections on Periscope and grew both my Twitter tribe and email list by almost 70%. Yes, IN ONE WEEK!!! Thanks to Periscope, I also met two social media peers in person, was featured on Applebee’s #TasteTheChange livestream event (segment at 9:26:00) and discovered my entrepreneurial soul sister who I’ve already begun collaborating with. There is no other social media platform on which I could have experienced that type of success right out of the gate. 


One of the best things about Periscope is its integration with Twitter, because connections formed on Periscope can seamlessly continue to grow outside of the platform where the relationship building opportunities are endless. You can also leverage your current followers on Twitter to increase your Periscope audience. I’m just gonna go ahead and say it…Twitter and Periscope are hands down the greatest power couple since Jay Z and Beyonce.  


I haven’t been this excited about an app since Instagram, and the mind-blowing thing is Periscope is still in its infancy, so anyone who embraces it now will be ahead of the game. I know what you’re probably thinking…you don’t really need to jump on ANOTHER social media platform. Well no, you don’t NEED to—but the social media landscape is changing and livestreaming is here to stay, so I would recommend trying it out to see if it’s a good fit for you and your brand. To give you a head start, I have put together a Newbie’s Guide to Periscope so you can quickly learn how to use the app and begin making your own valuable connections in no time. My life was forever changed after just one week, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Periscope has something magical in store for you too.  

With grit and grace, Kohleen  

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