The Power of Unplugging From Social Media

I never, ever thought I would want to unplug. Seriously. I've heard from many creatives I follow say they have strict social media boundaries and rules or that they take entire months off from social media. I did not get it. I freaking love social media. Well, mostly I freaking love Instagram. I love finding creative ways to share things with you and making them look pretty and engaging. I love scrolling and getting such great eyeball inspiration. I love it. Until about two weeks ago.

Is social media making you feel spiteful or jealous? Maybe you need to unplug.

I was not having a very good day (hello, unrealistic expectations) and I kind of felt defeated. I got off a tearful phone call where I just let it out and immediately checked my email. The first handful of emails popped in and they were all along the lines of "How I Grew My List to 2,000 Subscribers in One Day". Seriously. I wanted to punch my phone. I pulled up Instagram and I felt spite towards the pretty images I saw and the "oh my gosh, my cup runneth over" captions. 

This was on a Friday so I put my phone away for the entire weekend. Literally. This may seem all "ok, girl calm down" but some of you feel me. I didn't check emails, I didn't post, I didn't scroll, I didn't tweet, I barely texted. 

By the time I got plugged back in on Monday I had so much clarity. I could actually appreciate and be proud of and support and learn. I didn't feel spiteful or jealous or competitive. I was good.

So I want you to take note when these feelings might be creeping in. I see all the time pop up in groups and from my own babes say they feel "defeated" or "overwhelmed" and I'm telling you that just by taking a few days can bring so much life into your biz brand. Social media is there for you to share your magic and to gain inspiration - it is not there to make you feel bad about where you are in your life or biz.