We Can Do Scary Things

how going out of your comfort zone can up-level your small creative business

Have you ever made a business decision that makes you hold your breath for over a week? The next 9 days is like that for me. Well, if I'm being honest, the entire last month has been a lot of breath holding. 

Trying new strategies, investing in a new aspect of your business, putting material out there, asking for the sell....it's all scary. It's interesting the type of nervous business babes we find out we are. When I first launch Dream Job to Day Job it was my first launch for a lot of things. My first webinar, live Q&A, teaching online, course release, private group maintenance....and I didn't have one ounce of nervousness inside me. I had nothing to compare it to! I thought "hey, if no one shows it's not any different then where I'm at now." 

With this second release I've added in some new aspects to the sequence but I've been here before. Waiting for the cart to open, hoping people register, hoping you babes will love it, hoping the tech runs smoothly....and I can't breathe. 

But I'm sticking through it. Because if I keep making business decisions and following strategies that were "so-so" I will only continue to get "so-so" results. I am so freaking in love with this course, the content and the change it will have on your business that I can't hide it. I can't not talk about it. I can't not share it. 

Doing scary things is what makes shit happen, babes. We can do scary things. 

If you want to read more about Dream Job to Day Job click here. You have to be a boss babe that is ready to implement actionable (scary) steps in your biz. You need to be ready to accept the results of your hustle. See you there.