I released my course Dream Job to Day Job: Pricing for Profit back in April and I had the best round of Boss Babes join me. This course is all about breaking down pricing myths, psychology of buying and selling, sales funnels, packages, and so much more. I started hearing some amazing things from those babes about how this course was a game changer for them.

Thank you for the webinar. I’ve been doing this gig for so long and have settled on selling things at the going rate in the industry. I finally sat down and got my butt in gear. I’m so excited to get to work knowing that I’m actually headed towards my dream job even though I’ve been struggling along for almost 12 years. Thanks for motivating me!

You guys told me this was new information for you presented in a way that finally made sense. Things started clicking for you. So I knew I wanted to open up registration for this course again. First, I want to hear from you. If you can take 2 minutes and head over here and answer "what do you want to know more about pricing?" 

Your responses are going into to all new modules for the next release + coverage for the free release of Module One. You can read more about Dream Job to Day Job over here and sign up to get notified when pre-registration opens.