First, thank you so so much for choosing to spend this time with me. These conversations, in my opinion, need their space in the community of motherhood. You giving me your time and stories adds so much value to this space. Thank you.


Let's chat tech. This podcast is, what I like to describe as, a mix between My Favorite Murder and This American Life. That basically means it's going to be beautifully edited + crafted. It will hold great storytelling mixed with humor and wit.

There are things that can be done in post to improve the quality of audio and the story. However, there are really simple things that can be taken into account from your end as the guest to greatly improve this process. Here are some guidelines:

  • Record in a quiet space. Like, really quiet. No kids, fans, trains or dogs chewing on their feet (#guilty)
  • If possible use a studio quality microphone (I love the ATR 2100)
  • Please have headphones available to prevent echo
  • If drinking coffee or water please have a quiet coaster handy
  • Please remove any jewelry or tie back long hair if using Apple Headphones with the built in mic
  • Record from your desktop or laptop only (no cellphones)
  • Ensure, as best you can, that you have a stable internet connection

If any of these cause issue for our connection or audio at the time of our recording we will reschedule. With no hard feelings, of course, things happen.

P.S. We will be recording audio and video via Zoom. I will only be using the audio for the podcast at this time, but reserve the right to use the video of our chat in the future. Show up "camera ready" in whatever way works for you.


Now, what are we chatting about? By this point you and I have most likely discussed a specific topic or theme that our episode will be about. You should feel pretty comfortable about that, especially because this podcast is all about being unfiltered and unscripted. No need to have an outline ready!

There are however some guidelines based on how the conversation can go in order to be in line with my brand and this space.

When sharing your personal journey please use the phrase "...in my experience...". This helps my listeners who might have a different way of thinking or different results themselves to see your story as yours and not as a reflection for what theirs should be / should have been.

There will be absolutely no mom or parent shaming in this podcast. There is so much damn judgement in this space already that it doesn't need to be on this podcast as well. Feel free to follow up any strong opinion or experience you have about motherhood with the phrase "...what worked for me was..." or "...in my opinion...".

Please be extra mindful of other's experiences when referencing religion, politics and conversations around abortion.

That's it! I cannot wait to chat with you and unpack all of the ways in which motherhood has shaped you. You are officially part of The Unmothering. Feels kinda like The Hunger Games, huh?

Need to reschedule? Simply pick a new time below.